Cycling Betting Guide – How to Bet on Cycling

Some sports are linear and people have been familiar with them for decades, enough so that anyone knows what to do if they were to decide to bet on said sport. But consider a niche sport, or rather, a less popular one, like cycling. There are plenty of cycling events, but people often only know of one, maybe three, the Tour de France, the Giro d’Italia and the Vuelta a Espana. These are the so-called Grand Tours and they are the most prestigious cycling races.

Punters who frequent online bookmakers often know how to make use of bonuses and promo codes, like this 22bet Bonus, as well as how to bet on cycling.

Not everyone is an expert punter, however. Here is what you should know about betting on cycling, just follow this simple guide.

Types of Cycling Races

Single Day Races: These types of races are over in a single day and they can be sprint or circuit races, depending on whether it is a mountain bike race or a road/cross-country race. Sprints are common but circuits are often easier to organize because you would have to clear and organize less terrain. 

Stage Races: These types of races are the Grand Tours and many others alike. Depending on how many stages there are, these races can last up to two weeks. They offer a variety of things to bet on, from a single stage winner to an overall winner or winning team, rather.

Time Trial Races: Time trial races have a single racer or a team of racers race against the clock rather than against other racers. The goal of these races is to have the fastest time.

Ultramarathon: These races can be very long, up to a couple of thousand kilometers or miles. They are extremely hard and racers often have entire teams supporting them, because of health reasons as well as those of logistics. 

Types of Cycling Bets

Futures Betting: Prior to a race or tour’s start, you can place a bet on who will be the eventual winner of the race or tour. The odds for this type of bet are often very risky unless there is a clear favorite, in which case, you won’t earn much money. These types of bets are for the brave and the ones who have faith in a certain cyclist or team.

Race Winner: This type of bet is more in line with what you expect from betting, in other words, the winner of a race. While futures betting is similar, the race winner bet is present on all cycling races, while the former is often reserved for bigger events.

Stage Winner: In stage races, you can bet on whether a certain cyclist will take the win on a certain stage. You get to pick the stages and the cyclists. The odds vary here, depending on the current stage of the race and the cyclists’, teams’ form.

Top 3 or 10: These are two separate bets, but they fall under the same category. Basically, you bet on which cyclists will finish in the top 3 or top 10. You don’t bet on the exact order, which means that your cyclists only need to be in the top 3 or top 10.

With these tips, you should know how to bet on cycling. Visit any reputable bookmaker prior to or during a cycling race or Tour and you can place your bet.