Five Cycling-Related Disorders And How to Deal With Them

There is a time in everyone’s professional or personal life when they step a little off the main road and start to doubt their own abilities, sometimes even abusing Unibet bonus code. In such a moment, it is quite easy to feel defeated by both real and irrational fears. More or less pronounced, it can happen to anybody, from the high school teacher to the pro cyclist.

What Can Put a Cyclist out of Order?

Recognizing a hard time of a cyclist can be quite specific, as their disorders are also closely related to cycling. However, as with any other mental disturbance, it is necessary to start from the cause and to work patiently to eliminate the problem.

Five Common Disorders and How to Overcome Them

We can identify several issues common for bicyclists, five of which are the most asserted ones. We will describe each of them below.

Pelotonaphobia or Pack-Riding Anxiety Disorder

It happens during the group rides when one rider comes close to another one’s bike in the level of his arms. In a moment when the second rider realizes the position of his colleague, they become nervous and anxious. Their classic symptoms are locked arms and squirrelly weel. It can cause awkward gaps and be a distraction for other riders. 

How to overcome it? First, take it easy on coffee and try to breathe. If this happened more than twice, try to practice with a couple of friends before the race. Focus on the front rider’s shoulder and do not use breaks if it’s not necessary. 

Obsessive-Compulsive Braking

The mentioned fears are playing the leading role here. One cyclist can be doing a mountain cycling for years and suddenly start feeling fear of crashing. For that reason, they would constantly hold the breaks. However, they more prone to fall this way.

How to overcome it? Try to loosen the brakes. You can hold it with one finger to create less pressure and brake lightly.

Hypercaloric Overcompensation

In other words — you started to gain some weight. That wasn’t expected, knowing that you are cycling and training harder than ever. But obviously, you are taking more calories than you can burn.

How to overcome it? Cut out the energy sweets and drinks while riding. Take more care of a balanced diet and remember to measure and track your weight.

Problems Too Sensitive and Intimate

Some physical problems, typical for cyclists, can often lead to anxiety. Due to skin, ulcer and pain problems, a person can become very irritable and nervous.

How to overcome it? It is always essential to have adequate equipment. For long bike rides, it is necessary to have a proper and quality saddle. Moreover, find the best position for a ride.

Post-Barrier Stress Syndrome

It usually happens to riders in cyclocross after an awkward landing or jumping the barrier. An unpleasant experience leads to heavy movements and manic pedal-fumbling.

How to overcome it? Practice landing by placing the inside of your thighs to the beginning of the saddle, then touch the bar with your legs, and gently slide into the seat.