A Beginner’s Guide to Cycling Accessories

Everyone needs to get equipment for the sport or activity they are participating in. Cycling, for example, requires you to have a bicycle. Having a bicycle is just the start, however, as you might very well need other things on your cycling journey, short or long. Either way, it’s all good fun.

Here is a beginner’s guide on cycling accessories and what to get, as well as what you might not need.

Spare Tyres and a Pump

The number of times someone gets a flat while cycling and doesn’t have a spare, or has a spare but not a pump is mind boggling. Spare tyres aren’t expensive and purchasing a pump is usually a one-time thing, unless you get a better one or your pump, for some reason, breaks. Pumps are mounted on the carriers which they often come with, on the bicycle frame, often below the seat. Your spare tyre can be carried in various places, but a sort of luggage is the best storage space.

Luggage – Different Types of Storage 

In cycling, luggage can be anything from a small bag which is mounted next to your handlebars or on your frame, or even on the lower parts of your saddle. There are types of luggage which go on the back or front of the bicycle, called panniers, which require luggage racks to be mounted. They are probably the largest type of storage you can have on your bicycle, but unnecessary unless you are travelling long-distance.

Front and Rear Lights

This is essential in most countries, as in required by law. While some people ride without lights, you shouldn’t be that person, because the lights are often used for you to be seen, and not for you to see the road. More often than not, roads are well-lit and the types that are not, require really luminous lights to be mounted on the front of the bicycle, the type you wouldn’t use to signal your location to other vehicles. You can purchase really cheap lights which can be used to signal your location at all times during night rides.

A Bicycle Lock

Locks have been proven to be breakable, all of them. Given enough time and power tools, every lock can be broken. But, the more complicated and tougher a lock is, the more likely the robber will be persuaded not to attempt stealing your precious bicycle. Whether you need to go to a local store to purchase something or you use your bicycle for commuting, locks are essential pieces of gear which repel thieves and keep your bicycle safe.


Bicycles, fortunately, require small tools which can be packed in a single, universal piece of gear, often very lightweight. This is essential when changing tyres or adjusting something on the fly. This can most often be packed in the under-the-saddle luggage, alongside a spare tyre.

Water Bottle and Rack

This is simple and necessary. We need water so mounting a water bottle rack and purchasing a water bottle ensures that you can stay hydrated, whether on short or long distances.

These are the accessories to purchase prior to going on your first cycling ride. Stay safe and have fun.