Awesome Cycling Apps for Your Phones

Cycling is a very fun sport which people often practice and enjoy as a hobby, rather than a professional activity. In today’s world, it is easy to get lost online and download lots of stuff which you don’t need. In a digital world, however, it is also easy to find the apps you need, even if you have to filter tons of them which you don’t.

Cycling has many great apps associated with it which you should consider if you enjoy cycling. Here are the apps for you to try.


Strava is one of the go-to apps for cycling, it was basically made for it. It has one of the largest ecosystems and people often use it as a form of social media, rather than just a cycling app. This makes it even more interesting. Rather than just tracking your routes, you can also find other people’s routes near your location and then compete against their time to be King of the Hill. If you like competition, this is a wonderful idea, but it is also great if you simply want to find new routes in your nearby location.


Put your phone on your handlebars and it turns into a cyclemeter. The app keeps all the data on the device, so an internet connection isn’t necessary. With that in mind, comprehensive data about how your cycling is going, from cadence to everything else, is always helpful if you want to observe your progress and riding from a more empirical perspective.


This is a map application, but used specifically for cycling. Google Maps and other map applications can set you up with a route for cycling, but they often fall short. This is where Komoot helps, with setting up gravel, road and even mountain bike routes. Choose your destination and starting point and watch the app set you up for success. 


Whether for hiking or cycling, Viewranger has a collection of high-quality topographic maps to help you navigate your surroundings. While Google Maps can be helpful, they are far too general for something as mountain-bike cycling. This is where Viewranger comes in handy, especially the premium version, which provides you with more map choices and various other features.

These are the best apps which you can use on both Android and iOS devices, which every cyclist should consider if they want to improve their experience, workout, or simply find new routes or map their own routes.