6 Fun Facts About Cycling You Never Knew

Cycling might seem like a relatively new and recent discipline, but its history dates way back to the 1800s. You don have to be a professional athlete to own a bike or to use it regularly. Most of us get to learn how to ride one at an early age, and a great majority use it as a part of their everyday activities like going to work or to school. And how come we know so little about it? Did you know that people nowadays bet on cycling and they get all sign up offers on Virgin Bet? If not, check it out!

Cycling enthusiasts could be familiar with some of the fun facts related to this discipline, but even they could find our list below to be quite informative and amusing. 

Is It A Plane?

Denise Mueller-Korenek, an American cyclist, broke all records for bicycle speed in slipstream in 2018. Her speed was 296kph (183.9mph) while the previous longstanding record from 1995 was 167mph. The event took place at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah.

Bike Shop Owners

Wright Brothers have international fame for their contribution to aircraft technology. But only a handful of people know that Wilbur and Orville were also the proud owners of a bike repair shop. It was in that same shop that they built the 1903 Wright Flyer. 

Healthy and Ecofriendly

Countries around the world are encouraging people to use bikes more and more in order to help Earth recover from the carbon dioxide emissions. According to some research, driving your bike to work can save you $15 each day that you are not using your car, but you will also burn around 400 calories while doing so. Furthermore, some studies have shown that if a person switches from car to bike he or she will lose approximately 13 pounds in the first 365 days without making any other change to their diet and lifestyle in general. 

Not A Single Hair

It is a well-known fact that cyclists shave their legs due to better aero advantage. However, that is not the only reason why they do it. In case of a fall or any other injury that might occur on the road, it is much more convenient to clean the wound on a shaved surface. Also, after the race, cyclists are usually massaged so that their muscles would recover faster. It goes without saying that shaved legs can be massaged easier than hairy ones. 

Not Your Usual Tandem

When we talk about a tandem, we usually picture two people sitting on a two-seater bike and cycling in the same rhythm. However, one tandem enthusiast wanted to go a step further, so he made a 67-foot long bicycle that can be used by 35 individuals.

Eat Until You Drop

Tour de France is without a doubt one of the most excruciating events in the world. A cyclist is supposed to last for 21 days and more than 3,000 kilometers. For this ordeal to even be a possibility an average cyclist has to have an intake of around 6,000 calories every day!