Challenging Yourself When Cycling Is Too Easy

As is the case with any fitness program or hobby, there is always the threat of hitting the plateau. It means that you make no progress, despite doing everything you are supposed to. In the case of cycling, it could mean that you can’t break the speed barrier or that your workout has become too much of a routine and too easy. Whatever the pickle you are currently in, here are a few tips on how to handle your training when it becomes too easy.

Change Of Route

Hitting the plateau happens when your body has reached its limits, at least with a certain training program. Shaking things up often remedies the situation.

Let’s say, for the sake of argument, that you are used to cycling on roads and pavement. You are then too comfortable with your route and your body adjusts its output to make sure the least amount of stress comes your way.

While this is comforting, it is also troublesome for achieving wanted results. You could try going off-road. The bumps, the hills, and the rough terrain may be enough for you to get a thrill of a new challenge. It will also kick-start some of your muscles that have been dormant.

Other Types of Workouts

Take up swimming, jogging, and other types of workouts. It’s true that you may not see any point in doing push-ups or weight-lifting at first. However, as time passes, you are going to see an increase in strength and durability. You are going to be able to cycle longer and be able to give out more power. Besides, certain workouts, while focusing on specific muscle groups, force your body to strengthen others to support this new physical challenge.


Shake things us a bit with a change of pace. Speedrun a section of the road you use for endurance training. Alternate between bursts of speed and the comfortable pace at intervals. Also, try changing gears when you normally wouldn’t. For example, you could build up speed and shift to a lower gear while trying to maintain the said speed. Don’t overdo it! Also, be careful. Awkward shifting of the gears could wear out your transmission a lot sooner than you would have expected it.

Wind Resistance

Welcome wind resistance. Change your posture and get rid of the gear that facilitates higher speeds. It is sort of like cycling while you are trying to pull on a boulder that’s strapped to you (not quite, but you get the idea). After enough training sessions, you are going to feel an improvement in your time and power.

If you don’t mind looking ridiculous, you could find a few things that are going to slow you down and wear them as you cycle. I don’t mean weighted clothing, but a few things that are going to act as a parachute while you are trying your best. This is just a suggestion and you should take it with a grain of salt since I have not done this one personally.