The Strangest Cycling Disciplines and Events

Sport is all about the excitement, competition, adrenalin rush and Rizk sportsbook. But no matter how complicated and risky some sports can be, people will always try to make it even more extreme and challenging. Thus, we invented so many rare and original disciplines that originate from traditional ones but are unique experiences, and usually much more amusing.

The Weirdest Bike Sports Ever

It’s the same with cycling. Yes, the true enthusiast will always follow the Tour de France, but riding an underwater bike, cycling naked or performing two-wheeled ballet will draw everyone’s attention.

From the long list of many cycling disciplines, here are the most unusual ones.


It is an exciting combination of soccer and cycling. Players must perform the game without using their hands or feet to kick the ball to the opponent’s goal. They are riding special-made bikes and moving the ball using its weels. On such a match, you can expect many bumps, crashes and broken weels.

Stadtarchiv Kiel [CC BY-SA 3.0 de (]

Bike Polo

In this category, bikes are the perfect substitution for horses. So, Polo is not an abusive game. At least, not for animals. But people that are playing bike polo must concentrate on their ride because this sport is not a childish game at all.

Artistic Cycling

Just like swimming or dancing, cycling can have its acrobatic elements. This discipline is practically a bicycle ballet, but it also can refer to the performing of modern dances and riding skills, like break-dance with a bike. 

Balloon Bike Race

The goal is to make contestants feel as if they were thrown from the sky. And they literally are. First, each team of two cyclists and their bikes are driven five to fifteen miles away by a hot air balloon. Using GPS, they have to find the shortest way to ride back and win the race.


This cycling discipline is similar to sledding, with the difference that there are no sleds but mountain bikes. The strength that pulls a person on a bike is canine. Perhaps you don’t like to bother your dogs too much, but don’t worry. It can be an excellent way for them to spend excess energy and for you to spend a lovely day with other dog lovers.

Cycle Speedway

This is probably one of the most aggressive cycling disciplines. There are four racers on the track, on single-gear bikes with no breaks. The race is a sprint, with inevitable crashes at the finish. A lot of skills and stamina are required for such a competition.

All these sports have their professional leagues, worldwide championships and top athletes who represent them. But more importantly, unique disciplines can be an excellent magnet for the public, so they are often practiced for charity, which adds extra points to their playful spirit.